Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My Dad has been telling  me to go to the Reading Terminal Market since I moved to Philly but I didn't get around to it last semester. However, on Friday morning, I woke up early and couldn't drift back into to sleep. I decided it was  finally time to hit up the market and get breakfast. I took the subway to center city. It was eerily quite compared to when I usually ride the subway. Arriving in the city I walked passed Love Park and looked at the Art Museum which I have done before. I then headed towards the market. I enjoyed my walk because it was not as cold as past days. It seemed I was the only one in the city and when I got to Reading Terminal Market the scene was similar. It was pretty much just the workers, a few business men, and me. This was different from what I expected because my dad described it to be very busy and crowded. I was wishing I waited until later in the day. Although, as time went by, I enjoyed how peaceful the place was and how friendly the workers were. The thing I loved most about the market was how much character it had. Every inch of it was covered in paint, signs, or shelves. It seemed like the building itself had a personality. I regret not coming to come visit sooner. The food is beautiful and delicious. I enjoyed an exceptionally large cinnamon danish and a hot chocolate. I plan to visit the wise building again for lunch and to experience the busy rush that my dad described.